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Consider This: Keeping Fans Safe

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I don't expect you to know the name Tonya Carpenter. But, I bet you know her story.

Tonya is the Boston Red Sox baseball fan recently hit so hard by a broken bat that flew in the stands that doctors called her injuries life threatening. Unfortunately, this is happening way too often. Just this season - a foul ball put a Cincinnati Reds fan in the hospital.

There are nets at Major League stadiums, but they only cover fans behind home plate. Consider this: The reality is fans are more distracted than

ever with cell phones at ball games and it's unrealistic to just ask them to stop.

Maybe, it's time we start making changes. Extend the nets further to help protect what can be defenseless fans. If you're worried it might ruin

the view, well, the fans in the Diamond Seats behind home plate aren't complaining, they see the game just fine. Additionally, the National Hockey League extended its nets after a puck tragically killed a young fan.

It's time for Major League Baseball to take action. We can't wait for more injuries—before a change is made.

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