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Will the 90-day plan work? Ex-cop thinks it can

(PHOTO: FOX19 NOW/ Ben Katko) (PHOTO: FOX19 NOW/ Ben Katko)

A plan to put more cops on the streets, more patrols in the parks and more eyes on the violence is on hold, as shootings continue across the city.

The 90-day summer safety plan was supposed to be the key to controlling violence and the shootings citywide.

"This is still very problematic for us that we would have a shooting within 24 hours in the exact same location,” said Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell at the scene of a shooting in Over-the-Rhine on Tuesday.

The shooting happened at Findlay Playground, and is the second in as many days at that location.  On Monday, a man was shot to death during a shootout that started at the park.

"This is one of the parks that is in our summer safety plan to be covered. We recognize the need to make areas like this safe,” Blackwell said.

That summer safety plan is on hold, though, after Officer Sonny Kim was gunned down last week.  It was set to kick in on Sunday.

"We must all take ownership of this problem. It's a problem that affects us all,” said Wendell Young, a city council member.

Young spent 25 years in law enforcement with the Cincinnati Police Department. On Tuesday, he saw the plan in its entirety for the first time.

"It's an excellent plan, in my opinion, for making the maximum use of police resources in an effort to militate against crime, period. That's a good plan,” Young said.

The plan includes police scheduling changes, more cops on the streets and curfews, among other ideas. The plan is designed to zero in on shooting hot spots, reduce gang activity and contain violent crime. For Young, concentration on kids is paramount during this time.

"One of the issues we're finding with this group of people who feel so disenfranchised, is that at an early ages, they amass a record that makes them feel they can't go forward in life so they make other bad choices,” Young told FOX19 NOW.

Young says city administration needs to provide police with all the tools they need to fight the problem at a cost they can afford.

"The reality simply is that of all the things we do, I don't know that we have yet 'the' answer. But, I'm confident that if someone does have the answer, they will share that. In the meantime, we're stuck doing the best we can with what we know,” said Young.

Young also mentioned to FOX19 NOW that the chief needs to continue being visible in the community to keep improving police-community relations.

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