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Cincinnati firefighters and police coping with loss

Daryl Gordon Daryl Gordon

"Shots fired, shots fired,” It's the frantic call from a police officer after gunfire rang out last Friday.

It was on that same day that Cincinnati men and women in blue found out that one of their own was gone.

It's the feeling of loss that city firefighters faced nearly three months ago. Firefighter Daryl Gordon died from his injuries in the line of duty.

"Anytime you lose a team member, there's that hole there and then to fill the hole and move forward from a group, to the district, to the whole department it's just something that's we help each other through,” said Fire Chief Richard Braun.

Firefighters turned to outside help and to each other to get through the pain.

"Just like what happened to officer Sonny Kim, I mean that just opens up old wounds for us, actually fresh wounds, they're not that old happening in the same place on a rainy morning it's just so similarities,” said Braun.

Though still healing from a loss, on Thursday and Friday firefighters will respond to a different call, one that will assist police. Firefighters will ride through the procession and volunteers will help as ushers during the services. And surely, if a shoulder is needed to cry on, one won't be too far away.

"A lot of times what helped me was looking back on the career of firefighter Gordon he was such an outgoing person and that's another similarity with Officer Kim. They were outstanding citizens,” said Braun

Braun says it's important to look at the good deeds officer Kim has done for the community, because that is the legacy that will live on.

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