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Police release more details about officer's slaying


As the Tri-State prepares to say goodbye to a fallen officer more information is coming out about the moments before, during and after shots hit and killed Officer Sonny Kim and suspect Trepierre Hummons.

The detailed developments come from Cincinnati Assistant Police Chief James Whalen during an appearance Wednesday on 700 WLW.

"This guy clearly made a decision that he was going to take as many of us out as he could, and he wasn't going to be bothered by the fact that he may, or probably would, die as a result,” Whalen told Bill Cunningham during the interview.

Police say Hummons made two 911 calls about a man with a gun, luring officers.

A probation officer was first on scene near Whetsel Avenue and Roe Street in Madisonville. Whalen said that officer stayed in his car and talked to Hummons until another officer arrived.

That officer was Sonny Kim.

"When Sonny's car first pulled down the street, witnesses tell us that Hummons began motioning at him as if he wanted to fight. You know, 'Come on.' That kind of a motion,” Whalen said.

Officer Kim got out of his cruiser.

"Sonny came out of the car with a Taser in his hand. He was ready to engage this guy,” Whalen said during the interview.

Hummons' mother was trying to prevent the incident from escalating, Whalen said. She was between Hummons and Officer Kim, and tried to push her son away.

"She was in between the two, and she was trying to push her son away with her back to him. When she saw Sonny discard his Taser and go to his firearm, she looked over her shoulder and realized her own son had a gun in his hand,” he said.

Whalen said that he believes that was the first time his mother realized her son had a gun.

"I truly believe her that that was the first time that she realized that he had a firearm. At that point, she got out of the way because there was really nothing else for her to do, and shots were exchanged and Sonny went down wounded,” said Whalen.

After Officer Kim was hit, police say Hummons mother tried to help him the best she could.

“The mother, God bless her. She tried everything she could to prevent this, and she actually tried to render medical aid and comfort Sonny after he was injured,” said Whalen.

When another officer, Specialist Tom Sandmann, arrived, Whalen said he took gunfire from Kim's service weapon after Hummons was able to get his hands on it.

"He was taking fire before he even got his car in park," Whalen said. "He was able to escape his car, backpedal around, and use the back of his car for cover and returned fire. He was able to deliver the shot that stopped Hummons."

Whalen was unsure who fired the first shot, but said that's something they'll figure out during an investigation that remains ongoing.

"You can't challenge a policeman with a gun on the street and not expect that policeman to protect his own life," said Whalen, a 29-year veteran with Cincinnati police.

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