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MLB announces new single-elimination bracket format for HR Derby

The 2015 MLB Home Run Derby bracket (Source: MLB) The 2015 MLB Home Run Derby bracket (Source: MLB)

The 2015 Gillette Home Run Derby presented by Head & Shoulders, part of Gatorade All-Star Workout Day, will introduce a new format at Great American Ball Park featuring a single-elimination bracket and timed rounds, Major League Baseball announced on Sunday.

The eight-player derby will pit batter against batter in each round where the loser is eliminated in a tournament style format. 

Seeding for the first round of the bracket will be based on home run totals for each participant through July 7. Tie-breakers will be decided by giving the batter with more home runs since June 15 the higher seed. If a tie remains, a coin flip will decide the higher seed. In each round, the higher seed will hit last.
During each of the three rounds, each batter will have five minutes to hit as many homers as possible, and any swings that don't result in a homer will not be counted. Times will count down from five minutes beginning with the release of the first pitch, and any home run hit after the timer reaches one minute remaining will stop the timer immediately when the ball lands in home run territory. The timer will not start again until the batter hits a ball that doesn't land in home run territory, or swings and misses at a pitch. Batters may be awarded bonus time during their turn based on the length of home runs they hit.

Ties during any round will be broken with a 90-second swing-off with no stoppage of time or additional time added.
The Home Run Derby begins at 8 p.m. on Monday, July 13th, at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati and will be broadcast live by ESPN.

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