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Betsy Ross: Helicopter parenting, celebrity style

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We may find out this week whether Sean "Diddy" Combs will be charged by the district attorney after his dustup last week with the UCLA strength and conditioning coach.

In an incident that someone deemed as "helicopter parenting by a parent who actually owns a helicopter," Diddy got into an argument with Bruins coach Sal Alosi after the coach screamed at Diddy's son, Justin, on the practice field.

Now, no one likes to see their child get screamed at, so Diddy allegedly confronted the coach in his office and he was either defending himself from the coach's threats, or starting a scuffle by throwing a kettlebell weight at the coach during the argument.

A bit of background: If Sal Alosi's name sounds familiar, it's because he was an assistant with the New York Jets almost five years ago when he tripped a Miami Dolphins player as he was running down the sidelines covering a punt.

As for Justin, he's a redshirt junior defensive back for the Bruins and has played a handful of games in his UCLA career. UCLA is becoming the program of choice for rapper's sons: Snoop Dog's son just signed with the Bruins this year.

You don't have to have been around youth sports long to see verbal confrontations between players and coaches, during and after games. Who is at fault for what in this incident has yet to be sorted out, but it's not unique in youth sports and it's a big reason kids say they leave sports in their teen years.

A coach's job is to make that young player the best he or she can be. A parent's job is to be as supportive as possible. And let's just think about that the atmosphere in that locker room is going to be when - or if - Justin Combs returns to the UCLA program.

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