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All-Star week home rentals go for big bucks

Locals are renting their homes out for All-Star weekend on Airbnb (Source: Locals are renting their homes out for All-Star weekend on Airbnb (Source:

A hotel room in downtown Cincinnati at this point could cost you hundreds of dollars per day. That's if you can find a room during the week of the All-Star game. 

Hotels are making the big bucks as an All-Star lineup is heading to town. Local hotels aren't the only ones getting in on the business. Local people are doing the same by simply renting their homes. 

The web site Airbnb allows people to rent out lodging or list their own properties at their own price.

"I was sitting in a taco bell with my brother, where all good decisions are made and he had talked about an article about how homes were going for pretty high prices on Airbnb in the Cincinnati area for the all start game,” said Nolan Lowry. 

Couples Nolan Lowry and Taylor Burchett and Adam and Abbigail Tissot have all rented through Airbnb. They are now using the site to rent their homes. 

"The hotels were charging so much, the charge the cost extra fees, that we just thought, we could ask a pretty significant amount fora nightly rate, still be lower than a hotel, and people would see more of the city possibly,” said Abbigail Tissot. The Tissot's 4-bedroom home, complete with a gourmet kitchen, went for a little over 2,000 dollars for two days during All-Star week - not a bad piece of change. 

Lowry and Burchett put their home on the market in Fort Thomas, Kentucky. With two bedrooms, the couple hopes to use the extra cash for their home. 

"It's just really a nice way to have extra money to be able to afford the things you want to put back in the house,” said Burchett.

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