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FAQ: How to avoid bed bugs on Summer vacation

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Bed bugs can hide in your headboards, mattresses or luggage racks. 

If you want to avoid these unwanted travel partners on your summer vacation, check out these frequently asked questions from Scherzinger Termite & Pest Control:

We check into a hotel... now what do we do? 
As soon as you check into a hotel and you get in your room you will want to put your luggage in the bathroom and thoroughly inspect your room. 
Why the bathroom?
Bed bugs are least likely to be found in the bathroom. They don’t like the tile floors and there aren’t as many hiding places. They like to be closer to where people may be sleeping or resting.

How do we do that? Or what is the best way? 
Pull back the linens, and check all the way around and under the mattresses and behind the head boards especially. Look for the bed bugs themselves they are visible the adults are the size of an apple seed also look for blood stains and black dots. Bed bugs are most likely to be within 3-5 feet of a bed. Also check in the cushions and seams of any couches or chairs.

Ok so we inspected the bed and didn’t find anything are we good to go no bed bugs? 
Well bed bugs can travel so the room next to that one could have bed bugs that come over looking for a meal. Also keep your suitcase off the floor keep it on top of the desk.

That’s all we need to do? 
Well people frequently get bed bugs during transit as well. We have found plenty of bed bugs in public transportation and taxis you name it.

What should someone do if they find bed bugs or what they think is evidence? 
Tell the hotel you want to be moved at least 2 floors away. There is no reason to make a big commotion about it and post it all over social media. It is much better to handle it by informing management. Look most hotels do a great job by being proactive by hiring a pest management profession to inspect and do trainings with their house keepers on what to look for but that doesn’t mean the person who stayed in that room last night didn’t bring a bed bug in with them.

So I didn’t find any bed bugs I am in the clear I can go home and not worry about it? 
When you get home what I do is throw all of my clothes in the washer in hot water. If I didn’t wear it I will just throw it in the dryer for about a half hour on high heat. This will kill anything that might be on it since bed bugs can’t survive in temperatures above 122 degree Fahrenheit. I do this when I go out in public as well where I am likely to be exposed. Putting your luggage in a sealed bag and storing your luggage in your garage is a good idea.

What should I do if I find one? 
Give us a call. We will come out and do a free inspection and tell you about what your treatment options are. The worst thing you can do is panic and start throwing everything away or run to the hardware store and start dousing everything with insecticides. Bed bugs are a difficult pest to treat and are not a do it yourself pest.

This sounds pretty scary? 
It can be and people can drive themselves crazy thinking they have bed bugs but there is no reason to. Bed bugs have been found in all 50 states and they are an equal opportunity pest they can be found in budget properties as well as four-star resorts. Doing an inspection and following these steps will minimize your likelihood of an infestation. 

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