Adoptee reunited with family after 40 years

Adoptee reunited with family after 40 years

A Cincinnati man was reunited with his brothers and sisters Saturday after his mother gave him up for adoption as an infant.

Until March of this year the adoption records for hundreds of thousands of Ohioans were sealed including those of Robert Allen Jr., who was given up for adoption when he was five-months-old.

Robert had always known he was adopted and was excited at the prospect of having brothers and sisters. He met his sister Stacy Baity for the first time Saturday.

Robert is the youngest of four boys and two girls, but his mother couldn't afford to raise him so she put him up for adoption in 1975.

Recently Robert obtained his birth records and said he then used social media to find his family.

"I put it on Facebook that I was looking for my mother and father," said Robert. "That was about 1:00 p.m. By 9:00 p.m. I was talking to my sister."

Stacy admitted she was skeptical when she first spoke with Robert.

"A lot of people play a lot of games so you're not sure if he was actually so once he answered a lot of different questions I knew at that point he was for sure," said Stacy.

Stacy says the reunion was a reason to get excited. Stacy and Robert's biological mother passed away almost eight years ago. Stacy said meeting Robert was like getting part of her mother back.

Older brother A.J. Jordan said the reunion was long overdue.

"We always knew that we had a brother out there," said A.J. "We thank the Lord, we thank the Lord that he kept him, that he's healthy and that he's back with us." 
Robert believes this reunion has made his life complete.

"I grew up with a good family and they took care of me and I grew up to be a good person, but still there was always a void and now that void has been filled," said Robert.

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