Another Side of NASCAR's Trevor Bayne

Another Side of NASCAR's Trevor Bayne

. - He started racing before a lot of kids learn how to ride a two wheeler.. At the age of five, Trevor Bayne was already a race car driver. Now, with a baby on the way in his home.. He doesn't hesitate when I asked if "his" child will be racing at five-years-old.

Trevor  is an NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race car driver. He drives the No. 6 Ford Fusion full-time in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. I had a chance to catch up with him when he was in town.. This is another side of pretty boy, Trevor Bayne.

M: So when you were 5 years old you decided you wanted to be a race car driver 
T: yeah at 5
M: But what kind of bike did you have at 5?
T: I didn't wake up and say hey I want to be a race car driver, but I was a big race car fan. My parents got me a go kart at the age of
5. We went to the race track and raced once.
M: Were your mom and dad into this?
T: My grandfather raced some but he didn't race from after the time I was born. We just liked nascar and something I wanted to do so I
tried it.
M: So were you good instantly at this?
T: yeah, well my first race wasn't good, I cut through the infield because I was trying to catch the leaders, but I didn't know what I
was doing.
M: how old?
T: 5
M: that's fantastic
T: The kids I were racing were 7 or 8 so they had been racing awhile

M: so did you ever want to do anything else?
T: you know racing was all that I ever knew and all that I wanted to do. It was something that I wanted to do since I was two or three
watching it on tv then I went to my first race when I was 5 and cut in the infield and that's when I became good and enjoyed it.
M: you were a huge star at the age of 20
T: yeah I won the Daytona 500 at the age of 20, it was the day after my birthday. Kind of blew my mind because no one won that at their
first try and I was with a team that was running part time the Wood Brothers which was usually successful before in that era they were just a part time kind of team. It was really cool to get back on the map again and bring back all the history that they had
before and to win that race blew my mind.
M: Now I heard that you are going to have a baby soon
T: we are
M: how did you find out?
T: I was in Richmond, VA getting ready for a test and my wife called me and said hey babe we are going to have a baby. It was like 7:30
in the morning and she doesn't really get up that early when I am out of town and I was like something must be wrong, but I was kind of in shock and you can't tell anyone that early. I didn't know what to do I was in a daze all day.
M: whats life been like now? She is due in December right?
T: December. So we have a little while still, she has been having sickness, they call it morning sickness for some odd reason.
M: it lasts all day.
T: I feel terrible for her but we are really excited
M: what about baby names?
T: We have a girl name, no boy name yet. So if we have a little boy we have to figure it out
M: So what if you have a little girl and she is interested in getting a little go kart when she is 5 years old
T: no way she will like soccer, golf, something else. There is no way I could handle what my parents did.

M: What do your parents think of you now?
T: I think they are pretty proud, they watch my races all the time still. He will try and call me and tell me everything that happened.
I am like dad I know I was in the race car the whole time. I know my lapse times and who was racing next to me. I think they are pretty proud.

M: how did you meet your wife?
T: we meet in high school actually during our sophomore year in math class I had to chase her for a long time. I like her sophomore year
but she didn't like me then. So we were probably 18 when she started dating and I had to chase her that entire period but I finally got her, so that's good.
M: so tell me whats next in your career?
T: I think Im at the spot where I want to be, running sprint cup all the time for a full time team and a sponsor with advocare, our season
is finally coming to life a little bit. For a rookie season you don't know what to expect but its been a little bit rough at the beginning, but we have had some light at the end of the tunnel. I have been wanted to be in the sprint cup since I was little and
I am doing everything I can to get there.

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