Cincinnati cashes in on All-Star Game

All-Star game brings boom for business

The All-Star game is one week away and Cincinnati businesses and residents are making money off the event.

Some 200,000 people are expected to participate in All-Star week events.  They all need a place to stay, and Cincinnati's residents are making some major money.

Here are some of the listings from in Cincinnati: A one-bedroom, one-bath apartment in Oakley is listed for $500 a night. If you check in Friday and leave Wednesday, with fees you're looking at a $2,600 dollar week in the Queen City.

There is another listing for a home on Bigelow Street that can accommodate 12 people.  They are asking for $1,800 a night.

Prices vary on the website, but it's going to be a lucrative few days for several people in the area.

Uber is also seeing an increase in people wanting to drive for the company.  They are encouraging all partners to be available during the All-Star game.
Businesses at the Banks are ready for the All-Star game.

At the Holy Grail, they are planning to extend their hours to 2:30 a.m. on days with big events.  They have also hired extra people including security to make sure things run smoothly.  They are also making space for extra storage to have enough room for all supplies, drinks and food.

The Yard House is also planning to stay open later on certain nights.  They say business is up over all, so they have been hiring constantly and will have enough staff for the busy week.

John Lanni with the Thunderdome Group who owns several restaurants in the Tri-State including Bakersfield says they have upped their staffing and may stay open until 2:00 a.m. if they are busy.

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