Find out who unfriended you on Facebook

FOX19 - Have you ever searched Facebook for a former classmate, friend or fling only to find that they've deleted you from their social network?

A new app is offering Facebook users a gentler way of finding out they've been banished from an ex-friend's list.

The appropriately titled 'Who Deleted me on Facebook' app allows you to track the exact moment a friend clicks that dreaded "unfriend" button. It's free for Apple and Android devices.

The app is rising in popularity because it's the first time Facebook users have been given a simple option to see who has ditched them as a friend. It has reportedly experienced outages in the past few days due to the extra attention.

Similar apps already exist for Twitter and Instagram.

Unfortunately, 'Who Deleted me on Facebook' only begins tracking your friend count once the app is downloaded - so there's no way to see a complete list of ex-friends of years past.

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