Gold Medalist Arrested

Gold medal skier faces grand jury hearing

Olympic gold medal skier Bill Johnson is out of jail, three days after a traffic stop led to a string of charges, including assaulting police officers. The first U-S skier to win the downhill was driving near his mother's house in Gresham, Oregon, when he was stopped by a sheriff's deputy and police officer. Investigators say Johnson taunted the officers with his 1984 gold medal, then punched the deputy and kicked the officer in the groin. A grand jury hearing is set for Friday on charges that also include driving under the influence and resisting arrest. Johnson was released from jail only after a judge ordered an evaluation for supervised release. His lawyer says Johnson suffers from poor judgment and lack of impulse control because of a 2001 head injury. Johnson was in a coma for weeks after slamming headfirst into hardpacked snow while training for a comeback attempt.