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WATCH: Anchor Kara Sewell learns real self-defense in mock attack

Kara and self-defense expert Debbie Gardner. Kara and self-defense expert Debbie Gardner.

Would you know what to do if a would-be attacker surprised you?

We wanted to see how news anchor Kara Sewell would react to a mock attack and what she learned are a few simple tips that could be life-saving.

Police say stranger attacks are extremely rare, but’s it’s a concern most women have in the back of their minds. 

We set up a dramatization of an attack in a parking garage. The “would-be attacker” was a FOX19 NOW employee. Debbie Gardner, a former Cincinnati police officer and self-defense expert, watched the “attack” happen.

So what did Kara learn about her personal safety? Debbie Gardner and her husband, Mike, run Survive Institute. Debbie says they teach “fear control and courage” in self-defense training programs across the country.

Here are some of the tips Kara learned:

  • Breathe deeply; breathing deeply can help you control yourself if you are afraid
  • If there is a stranger around, acknowledge the person is there
  • Speak with authority, while taking steps back
  • Use the “Power of Love;” think you would react if someone was attacking a loved one
  • The best self-defense weapon is whatever is in your hand, a smart phone or water bottle can be a deadly weapon
  • Use hand, phone, bottle to hit attacker in the neck; taking away attacker’s breath could stop an attack

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