Ariana Grande apologizes for donut shop fiasco

Ariana Grande apologizes for donut shop fiasco

FOX19 - Ariana Grande posted a video apology to her fans for the poor word choices and behavior she made after a controversial video surfaced of her at a donut shop Wednesday.

Grande suddenly pulled out of Saturday's All-Star concert on Tuesday citing recent health issues. She came under fire on the internet Wednesday after media reports quoted her saying "I HATE Americans I hate America," in a donut shop video. Grande or MLB officials have not commented on the incident

In the video posted, Grande said she was recovering from her wisdom teeth. The 22-year-old had her wisdom teeth removed on Monday, according to a tweet.

Mobile users can view the video here

"I've actually never been more prouder to be an American, to be honest with you in the advances we've made in the past couple months," Grande said in the video.

Grande never mentions Cincinnati or backing out of the All-Star concert.

Demi Lovato will replace Grande as the headlining act for Saturday's All-Star concert.

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