Documents revealed what Blackwell would have received if he signed resignation documents

Blackwell and Black relationship (VIDEO)

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell had talked to City Manager Harry Black about resigning back in May, according to city spokesperson Rocky Merz.

However, after the papers were drawn up, the chief then decided not to leave and the matter was dropped, Merz said.

The Cincinnati City Manager's office released a proposed severance package for Police Chief Jeffery Blackwell, weeks after they both decided Blackwell would stay.

FOX19 NOW had requested and received the mutually amicable separation and settlement agreement, otherwise known as a severance package that was discussed with Cincinnati police chief Jeffery Blackwell back in May.

"I have no intentions of removing the chief at this point," Black said. "He is the chief of police for the city of Cincinnati," he continued. When asked what type of relationship the two have, Black described it as a "solid working relationship." Even though a severance package was presented Black said, "nothing ultimately came from it and no document was executed."

The city manager went on to express support for chief Blackwell even though the two have their differences. "I am committed to supporting Chief Blackwell and the Cincinnati Police Department as they work diligently to maintain a safe city. This matter is closed."

"We have to get along because we work together. I'm the city manager. I have to get along with all of my department heads," Black said.

FOX 19 NOW asked if there have been any further discussions about having the chief removed and he said there have been, "no discussions whatsoever."

According to resignation documents that were drafted by the city in May, Blackwell would have agreed to step down immediately as chief. In return, he would received in consideration for his good service to Cincinnati:

  • A year's worth of salary at Blackwell's rate to be paid in three installments.  The first installment would have been payable at the end of the fiscal year 2015, the second and third payments in the fiscal year 2016.
  • Payment of $5,000 lump sum, which he would be eligible for in June.
  • City health insurance coverage for Blackwell for one year or until the first day he would have been eligible for health insurance coverage from a new employer.
  • Vacation bank payout for vacation time accrued by Blackwell.
  • City would have agreed to waive recovery pro rata relocation expenses for separation of employment prior to two years.

Blackwell would have also promised and agreed to not file any lawsuits or administrative charges relating to the issue of his employment with the city or any other claims which he would have had against the city.

According to the agreement if the document would have been signed by Blackwell, both the city and Blackwell would have released a mutual press release about the resignation.

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