Northern Kentucky hopes to benefit from All-Star coverage

NKY impacted by ASG

COVINGTON, KY (FOX19) - Although they don't have the All-Star Game, leaders in northern Kentucky are hoping they'll get a big hit from all the national exposure after experts predict this week's festivities will generate about $60 million.

As places like Covington celebrate their bicentennial, they want the All-Star Game visitors to come across the river and take a ride, with hopes people can see the things they have to offer.

"If we can have people that would say hey this would be a cool place to live," or "a cool place to start a business, or even a cool place to come for dinner to me those are all good things," Mayor of Covington Sherry Carren said.

Those leaders also want visitors to know that parking is cheaper in northern Kentucky than parking in the Queen City.

"If you want to save some money and you want a family budget we'll park your car matter a fact, if you parked in Covington you'd be closer to Cincinnati than if you parked in Cincinnati," said Newport Mayor Jerry Peluso

Newport Mayor Jerry Peluso has been echoing the same things. He says his city is rolling out the All-Star treatment and hoping those experiences generate long term profits for business.

He explained there is a big difference between this All-Star game and the last one played here in the 80s.

"it was more or less just a one day event and now its a 5 or 6 day event and that in itself will attract a lot of people," said Mayor Peluso.

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