Betsy Ross: An All-Star Celebration

Betsy Ross: An All-Star Celebration

Since Cincinnati last was host of the MLB All-Star Game in 1988, think about what has changed in this city: We have a new baseball stadium, a newly revitalized downtown, new skyscrapers, a new entertainment area in the Over-the-Rhine area and more.

For the next couple of days, the eyes of not just baseball fans, but the nation and, yes, the world, will be on Cincinnati for the All-Star Game. While you'll be able to watch the game itself on FOX19, other outlets will show the Home Run Derby and other events, and international broadcasters from Armed Forces Network to nine networks from China alone will beam back images of the city to the world.

In partnership with MLB, Cincinnati has rolled out the Reds carpet for our visitors and viewers. It's exciting to walk down the street and see fans from across the country enjoy our city and our stadium.

We probably won't see a week like this again for a long time, since it's been nearly 30 years since the last All-Star Game. Yes, the Reds season may not be what we had hoped for this year, but this week, it's time to celebrate baseball and celebrate Cincinnati. Enjoy All-Star Week.

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