Rob Williams: The Fountain of Youth

Rob Williams: The Fountain of Youth

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - If you need something to feel younger, go to 1331 Walnut Street in OTR.  I did and it made me feel 11-years-old again.  The address is the location of 16-Bit, a bar and arcade.  It has many of my childhood video games growing up in Japan.

Donkey Kong, BurgerTime, and Pac-Man.  Did you know Pac-Man was invented in Japan where we called it Puck-man.  It was changed for American arcades.  A kid armed with a marker could make "P"uck easily obscene.  Many of the games coming from the "golden age of video games" during the 80's but there are games from the 90's too and some pinball machines.

The set-up is like Vegas, but the opposite.   Video games are free, as long as you're spending money at the bar.

The game that brought back memories for me was Galaga.  You control the spaceship at the bottom of the screen, and fight off alien formations.  Once all the enemies are destroyed, you move on the next stage.  The game also featured in the classic 80's movie WarGames.  Movie studio, MGM sending one to Matthew Broderick's house so he could practice before shooting.

16-Bit: kind of like a time machine.  Sometimes, it's nice to go back to your pre-teen years.  I can tell you, it's even better with a beer in your hands.

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