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Kara Sewell: Lessons My Aunt Taught Me

(Source: Kara Sewell, FOX19 NOW) (Source: Kara Sewell, FOX19 NOW)

My Aunt Penny passed away over the weekend. She was 57-years-old.

Penny had a stellar smile and a pure heart. Penny was also special needs due to complications at birth and a grand mal seizure as a young child; she had the capacity of a toddler and cerebral palsy. I share this news with you all because despite her inability to communicate I feel compelled to tell you how much she taught me and my family.

She will be missed but I cling to the idea she’s finally out of pain and the happy memories.

When I was fairly young my grandmother, my mom and I would pick her from her group home to take her shopping, eat lunch and get some exercise. We would hug, hold hands and laugh. I remember people would often stare, some asked questions - I felt so protective over this sweet spirit who never noticed the eyes watching her. It was my first time experiencing people’s unique differences and the importance of accepting them.

So many people loved and showed compassion to my Aunt; I want to encourage readers to do the same for people who come into their lives especially those with special needs.  In a world where so many people are alone or hurting, I think showing kindness offers a long lasting healing. I’m heeding these words today too.

There have been many times when I thought Penny’s situation wasn’t fair, a woman afflicted with so many medical issues but I smile today knowing she is whole again. I believe in heaven and I
know that’s where she is this morning, walking and talking in her new body. I look forward to seeing her again one day so I can tell her thank you for instilling some of life’s most important lessons. Rest In Peace Penny Kaye.

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