Larger than normal police workforce deployment leaves Cincinnati calmer during All-Star festivities

Relatively calm in the streets of Cincinnati

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Until Monday night, the city of Cincinnati had gone almost three days without a shooting. The latest happened in the College Hill area where one person was shot.

As we enter the dawn of the 2015 All-Star Game, there has been a relative "calm" in the city in regards to shootings. As of Monday evening, there hadn't been an All-Star related arrest in the city.

"I think we are doing well. I think the events down here have really put a sparkle on our city," said Captain Michael Neville of the Cincinnati Police Department. "The visibility and the comfort that we created for all the visitors is showing," he continued.

Neville is part of the group that put together the safety plan for the city regarding the All-Star Game.

Neville would not reveal how many officers were patrolling the downtown area, but said the larger than normal force was not a result of recent events in the Fountain Square area.

It was just over a week ago that a man being beaten was captured on cell phone video. "The plan had been in place for many months," Neville said. "Nothing changed after last week."

The captain points out that violent crime in the downtown area is down by 50 percent over last year. "Even after last Saturday we feel very comfortable saying this place is very safe," he said.

The police department requested $500,000 dollars for overtime and other police related costs to pay for the massive deployment.

"We are very happy right now and impressed with the outcome so far," said Neville.

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