Child Care Providers Must Tell All

Parents looking for child care can now find out much more about who's minding the kids. An Ohio bill signed into law Tuesday makes child care providers tell you things they may want to keep to themselves.

If the law had existed in 1997, Rod and Mitzi Roeser would have found someone else to watch their infant son, Justin, who died in a Loveland home day care. Another baby died in that woman's care three years earlier, and still another nearly died in 1990.

A new disclosure form requires child care providers to list any deaths, injuries, or incidents that may be cause for parents' concern. Lying on the form is a crime. The Roesers joined other parents who suffered similar tragedies in a four-year fight to pass this legislation. Rod Roeser tells Fox 19, "If it can at least give another family an opportunity to have the correct information before they make that choice, that we've made it a little bit better place."

Child care providers are required to keep the form updated and readily available, but parents must ask to see it. The Roesers say this is a good start, but they're hoping for even more child care regulations. They say the next step is mandatory registration for child care inuries and deaths.