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Do "White lives matter?" Group wants prosecutor to seek stronger charge in Fountain Square attack

Do "White lives matter?" Group calls for hate crime charges


A group known as the Traditionalist Youth Network wants stronger charges brought against those involved in the Fountain Square attack.

“Why is there a double standard when it comes to white lives in Cincinnati,” said Chairman of the Cincinnati chapter Matthew Heimbach.

“In the incident report the police officer said it was anti-white violence.” Heimbach is referring to the attack on a white man from Indiana named Chris McKnight.

McKnight was beaten by a group of what appears to be black men on Fountain Square. The police officer working the case originally classified it as a robbery and felt it was a hate crime. Later, the officer changed his mind and reclassified the incident report.

“You had 40 assailants and one white victim…if it were a reversed case where 40 white men beat a black man, that would be called a hate crime,” Heimbach continued.

Hamilton County prosecutor Joe Deters announced that a grand jury had indicted seven people on a seven count indictment for the attack on McKnight and police.

As far as classifying the attack as a hate crime, Deters would not go that far. “We have no evidence of ethnic intimidation besides the victim being a different color than the people who did it,” said Deters.

If convicted, the men involved could spend the next decade in prison. 

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