Watch: New surveillance video shows suspects who vandalized police memorial

Vandalized police memorial surveillance

COVINGTON, KY (FOX19) - Police in northern Kentucky are searching for those responsible for destroying part of the Northern Kentucky Police Memorial.
Police say sometime between Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning, someone toppled a large polished stone at the memorial, smashing it to pieces.

"Last night, sometime around the All-Star Game or right after the All-Star Game, you can see the aftermath of what happened.  This morning this was found," said Bellevue Police Chief Wayne Turner, who is also President of the Northern Kentucky Police Chiefs

What was found was an important pile of polished granite turned to rubble.

The piece that was broken is one of three pieces making up the memorial at the foot of the Roebling Bridge.  From that rubble, police were able to find some fingerprints  as well as shoeprints.

"It's not just names on a wall.  It's families.  It's not just the officers that gave their lives.  It's the officer's families that come here year after year to honor and celebrate the memory, the sacrifice that their loved ones gave for all of us," said Turner.

There are dozens of names carved into the main stone at the memorial.

One of the names of those who gave everything was Tony Jansen, a Newport Police officer.

"We were really close.  Our family was a very close-knit family.  When it came, it was a shock.  I was in shock for almost two days afterwards," said Campbell County Sheriff Mike Jansen.

Tony, who was shot in 1984, is Sheriff Mike Jansen's brother.  Both of them were Newport Police officers at the time.

"When I first heard about it this morning, I was very disgusted, very upset," Jansen told FOX19 NOW.

As the hours passed, so did those feelings.  The focus now is trying to find who ruined the commemorative monument.

"Whoever did this, they didn't just attack a piece of stone, they attacked a piece of all of us.  I can tell you, every police officer in Northern Kentucky is going to be looking for who's accountable," Turner said.

Police say a second piece of the memorial was targeted, but attempts to damage it were unsuccessful.  The piece that was knocked down was a new stone with nothing engraved on it yet.

If you know anything, you're asked to call police in Covington at 859-292-2222.

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