Three suspicious car fires leave Wyoming police puzzled

Wyoming car fires (VIDEO)

WYOMING, OH (FOX19) - Police in the community of Wyoming are investigating three suspicious car fires within a 24 hour period.

Some of the fires have left the community feeling uneasy.

Moments after a car on Stout Avenue was set on fire early Tuesday morning, Molly Hull, who lives across the street says she heard police pounding on the car owner's front door to wake them up because the car fire was threatening to burn down the garage.

"I heard this banging on the door and somebody yelling 'police everybody out of the house. This is the police everybody out of the house now' which was pretty scary," said Hull.

Wyoming police Lt. Rusty Herzog says last night there were two other suspicious car fires.

"Last night we got a call around 11 o'clock for a car fire in the 600 block of Glenway Avenue and officers responded to that. While they were on scene at that fire approximately 15 to 20 minutes later we got a call for another car fire in the 200 block of Burns," said Herzog.

Right now, Herzog admits investigators don't have a lot to go on.

"From the second car fire scene we do have witnesses that state that a male black subject was seen leaving the area of the vehicle and got in a four door dark sedan and left the area. That's the only information we have at this time," said Herzog.

Herzog says Wyoming police are getting a little help.

"We've brought in the Hamilton County arson investigation team. They're investigating the three incidents looking to see what kind of information we can gather," said Herzog.

In the meantime, the fires have shaken Molly Hull's sense of security.

"That's a little scary because Wyoming has always been a super safe area to live. You never worry about your kids walking around at night in the dark, you know, coming home from middle school dances or anything like that," said Hull.

Investigators are encouraging anyone with information on the car fires to call CrimeStoppers at 352-3040 or Wyoming police at 821-0141.

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