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Recruiting Centers are safe recruiter says


When you look at this Armed Forces Career Center on Highland Avenue in Columbia Township, you can see for yourself that the only safety is behind the glass with the door locked. 

A recruiter who could not give his name told FOX 19 NOW they don't carry guns. A  security expert told us why people who work in recruiting centers can be in greater danger than a military base.

“These are soft targets,” said Dr. Richard Harknett, a professor of Political Science and head of the department at the University of Cincinnati. 

“They’re not expecting they’re going to face an active shooter or a combat situation,” he continued. “It’s very difficult to prevent [these attacks] because we don’t live in a police state.” 

The heartbreak the victims' families must be going through is a place we all hope we never have to visit. Unfortunately for Keith Maupin, he's got a front row seat. 

“You know I tell you it’s unreal,” he said.  “How could that possibly happen at a recruiting station,” he continued.  Maupin lost his son Matt who was captured in Iraq and later executed. Although the circumstances are very different,  the pain is universal. 

“It would be my guest that these guys have been there either Iraq or Afghanistan and have come back and be able to survive that. And to have some idiot kill them it’s just a waste.”

The recruiter at the armed forces career center said he did not anticipate they would add anymore security. “At this point it looks like an isolated incident,” he said. 

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