'Kitten disposal' bins scattered around Cincy

'Kitten disposal' bins scattered around Cincy

FOX19 - Cincinnatians might be shocked to see trash cans labeled "Kitten Disposal" dispersed throughout the city – but the disturbing display isn't what meets the eye.

The bins are part of Cincinnati's first "Spay and Neuter Day" taking place Friday. They're meant to serve as a visual reminder of the importance of spaying and neutering pets, according the Joanie Bernard Foundation, the group behind the project.

"When there is an over-population, kittens are taken to the shelters and then are killed," read a release from the group. "Trashcans symbolized that we are throwing away cat lives when we do not spay and neuter our felines."

A cat is put to death every 20 minutes in a kill shelter, advocates say.

Click here for a list of Tri-State organizations offering $20 spaying and neutering options,

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