Mom in missing children alert: 'I would die for my kids'

Mother at center of critical missing alert speaks out

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Rochelle Roe made headlines back in 2001 when she threatened to throw her young children and herself off the Clay Wade Bailey bridge and was once again in the news this week when her youngest two children were reported missing. 

Roe contacted FOX19 NOW because she felt like she was being portrayed as a bad mother so we invited her to tell her side of the story, especially about what was going on with her 14 years ago. She said that was a troubled time for her.

"Back then I was going through a lot of domestic violence with their father and I wasn't....I wasn't thinking straight. I wasn't in a right state of mind. I also was under the influence of alcohol at the time and I was very depressed," Roe stated.

Roe says the bridge incident was a cry for help and insisted that she had no intention of harming her kids.

Roe claimed she got some psychiatric help and is now a changed stating, "I'm only human. I've made some mistakes. I've learned from my past mistakes. I love my children dearly and I would die for my kids."

Police issued a critical missing child alert for Roe's two youngest children this week after she walked out of a custody hearing. The children were later located safe.

Court documents state that job and family services asked that the kids be removed from Roe's home because of quote "reasonable grounds to believe the children are in immediate danger."

According to Roe, that's because the children's father, Calvester Coleman, claims she tried to have him killed. "I had
supposedly threatened to take his life or had someone to do bodily harm to him which I didn't," said Roe.

However, court documents show that police arrested and charged two people with trying to kill Coleman last Easter.  Roe knew her kids were about to be taken away from her and she said she didn't want that to happen.

Roe stated, "I took my daughter and my son and I left our 800 Broadway building because I didn't want them to take my kids away from me because I'm like what reason, what proof do you all have. I was never convicted, I was never charged with any type of murder or attempted murder or anything and I don't feel like they had any legal rights to just....oh we're going to get custody of your kids because of heresay."

Roe says Coleman made the charges because she accused him of molesting their daughter. "It started out because my daughter had allegedly told me that her dad had touched her in a.....bad area," said Roe. 

Roe stated that allegation has yet to be investigated.

Meanwhile, her two youngest children are in the custody of a relative. 

Roe stated that she visits her children regularly and is now taking steps to get them back.

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