Butler Co. Sheriff steps up patrol at military facilities

Butler Co. Sheriff steps up patrol at military facilities

BUTLER CO., OH (AP) - Butler Co. Sheriff Richard K. Jones has ordered extra patrol for almost half a dozen military facilities, reported officials.

Petty Officer Second Class Randall Smith, a 26-year-old logistics specialist from Ohio who had only recently re-enlisted in the Navy, died just after 2 a.m. Saturday from his wounds, according to authorities.

Smith was the fifth service member killed in the shootings at a military reserve center and a nearby recruiting center.

"It is an absolute shame that it takes a tragedy like this for our leaders to realize that our military men and women should have the ability to protect themselves," Jones said. "People join the military because they have a desire to protect others.  If we aren't going to do the common sense thing and supply our military with the means to protect themselves, then the least I can do is send my people their way to deter those from contemplating harm to our military personnel."

Jones stated that he will continue patrols for as long as necessary.

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