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Kara Sewell: 23

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Random fact: ‘23’ is my lucky number. 

Honestly, I don’t believe a lot in luck but let’s just pretend I do. If I’m placing a bet or buying a lottery ticket I’m banking on ’23’. My birthday is August 23rd, my younger brother Rusty was born on February 23rd and Jeremy April 23rd!

 Let me be clear, none of these were scheduled C-sections; Jeremy barely made it with a birth date at 11:55 p.m.! Can you imagine? The pressure! (No pun intended)

I’m not sure of the odds but I’m certain it makes it easier for my parents to remember our birthdays. Ha! The best part, my half birthday falls on Rusty’s actual birthday so I ask him what he got me every year. Granted, he can do the same, but he doesn’t. I guess we know who the better sibling is.

What’s your family’s flair?

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