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Brown County girl safe after being swept by flood waters

Cheyenne Kirk (Source: Frankie Jupiter, FOX19 NOW) Cheyenne Kirk (Source: Frankie Jupiter, FOX19 NOW)

A 16 year-old jumped into action to help save her family when flood waters started to enter their Brown County home, but she found herself in trouble.

"I was actually asleep and my mom had came in and woke me up. She said grab towels it's coming in through the front door," Cheyenne Kirk said.

The creek behind Kirk's home was rising and it was showing no signs of stopping. Just when the family thought they had stopped the water from coming through the door, it came through the floor vents.

Cheyenne knew she had to do something, so she jumped out of the window.

"I was going to go across to get help because I knew my mom and my little sister couldn't swim," Kirk said.

The brave teen found herself in trouble in the dark water. She made it to her car but the water current was too much.

"The only thing that was going through my mind was I just messed up I'm going to die," Kirk said.

Cheyenne tried to grab onto porch columns outside of her home but the current swept her away.

"I just remember going through this fence head first. And my whole body just went under it," Kirk said.

Cheyenne knew she was in trouble. She grabbed onto anything that she could as the water carried her away and began to scream for help, as she held on to a piece of siding on the neighbor's house.

"Some of the trim started to come loose and I can feel it come loose. And I told her it was coming loose. And that's when I looked at her and I said I'm sorry I love you I got to let go and I was going to let go," Kirk said.

Though the water current was strong, the power of her mother's word resounded stronger at the side door.

"That's when she told me you better not let go or I'm coming in after you," Kirk said.

But Cheyenne's mother can't swim and her little sister was still inside of the home. So per her mother's request she held on for dear life, until help arrived.

"For here to risk her life to save mine even though she knew she wasn't going to be able to and she knew she couldn't swim. It just gives me this feeling of much love," Kirk said

Cheyenne says that two officers did come to her rescue and she wants to thank them for saving her life.

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