Dogs Shot in Covington

Pet lovers in a Tri-State neighborhood are afraid to let their dogs roam free. That's because someone is shooting dogs in a rural part of Covington, along Locust Pike.

Two dogs are dead and at least one other was wounded. Owners believe the dogs were shot when they roamed onto someone else's property, but say they'd rather face animal control than see their pets suffer a violent death.

Some want the dog shooters to face stiff penalties for hurting man's best friend. PJ Houston has eight dogs. Houston tells Fox 19, "I'd like to see them go to jail just like they were shooting a person. I love my dog like I love my brother or my sister or my son or my daughter. I love my dogs."

It is legal to shoot a dog if the dog is attacking you or destroying your property. You can not shoot a dog for no reason. If you do, you could face a cruelty to animals charge and spend up to a year in prison.