Exclusive: Father Calls for End to Shootings

The father of one of two Cincinnati men shot and killed in the last week tells Fox 19 News in an exclusive interview, the killings may be related and the violence must stop.

Wednesday, just a day after Raeshaun Hand Sr. buried his son, Raeshaun Hand Jr., he told Fox 19 he can't keep quiet anymore. "I just want everyone to stop the foolish and unnecessary violence," he says.

Hand Jr. was killed a week ago, shot to death on a Westwood street. Hand says his son's funeral nearly turned into a riot. A small group of men got out of hand arguing over whose fault it was that Hand was dead.

A few hours later, Scott Brown was shot and killed in the Evanston neighborhood Hand grew up in. "I keep hearing that it may be related to my son," Hand says.

If it is, Hand says, the revenge needs to stop. "They can not handle this on vigilante tactics or retaliation," Hand says, "let the police handle this."

Police are not confirming the two shootings are related, but say they are investigating the possibility.

"In my heart, my son's gone," Hand says. "I know I'll never see him again. But don't have somebody else's mother and father get that call that I got. Just please stop it."