Consider This: Release the body cam video

FOX19 - The fatal shooting of a Cincinnati man during a traffic stop near the University of Cincinnati is troubling and so is the refusal of the prosecutor's office to release the video tape of the incident.

According to police reports, Samuel Dubose, a black man, was shot in the head by a UC Police Officer Ray Tensing, who is white.  It happened during a traffic stop about a mile from the U-C Campus.  It's still unclear what REALLY happened. That is why the family of the victim is asking for the video be released.

The Hamilton County Prosecutor denied that request. He also denied FOX 19 NOW's public records request for the video—claiming it could jeopardize the investigation and a possible future trial.

Consider this. Why is this video being so tightly protected that even the Mayor and the University President say they haven't seen it?

In this current heated environment, the delay creates more questions, leads to more protests and may ultimately create a bigger problem in our city.

The body cameras were obtained for a reason. Release the tape and let the public know what happened.

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