Walmart selling baby car seat that can prevent hot-car deaths

Walmart selling baby car seat that can prevent hot-car deaths

FOX19 - The world's largest retailer announced this week it has signed an exclusive, one-year deal with Evenflo to sell a $149 car seat that sounds an alarm when a car ignition is turned off while a baby is strapped in it.

The seat aims to keep parents from leaving little ones behind by using a wireless receiver that plugs into a car's On Board Diagnostic (OBD) port and syncs with the chest clip that goes around the baby.

If the car is turned off and the chest clip is still buckled, a series of tones will play to alert the driver.

Nearly 40 children annually die as a result of being left behind in hot cars, according to

"At Walmart saving our customers money is our number one priority, but one of the biggest honors we have is helping them take care of their greatest gifts," said Diana Marshall, Walmart's vice president of baby, in a prepared statement. "We know having a baby is an exciting time for new parents. It's also challenging, expensive and exhausting. We know because we're parents too.

"Parents are busy and will always choose convenience over complexity. That's why we will continue to remove barriers between our more than 4,500 stores and so parents can shop when and where they want," she said. ""From organic baby food to a car seat that helps protect children from being forgotten in a car, Walmart is doing everything it can to provide access to the safe, premium products parents' trust at the absolute best price."

The car seat will be available online and is scheduled to be in stores next month.

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