High Speed Chase Ends With Crash

Police hope a series of car break-ins throughout Hamilton county has now ended.

They believe they stopped the thief Wednesday night. However, not before he led them on a high speed chase and crashed a stolen car. FOX19 news reporter Carolyn Costello followed this story all Thursday morning and reported that police say they tried to pull Franklin Wainscott over but he sped away reaching up to a 100 miles an hour.

Police say they followed him from Fairfax to Linwood where Wainscott crashed into a telephone poll. He then struggled with officers as they tried to cuff him. Wainscott was in court Thursday morning apparently injured in the crash.

Meanwhile, police sorted through everything they say they found in his stolen car. Police say they found lingerie, a coffee pot, jewelry, videos and other questionable items. They also found marijuana and a crack-pipe. Police believe wainscott took these things while breaking into cars across Hamilton County, at least 8 of those cars were parked at the Cincinnati Sports Mall in Fairfax.

This police pursuit may be Wainscott's third chase in 4 days. Cincinnati Police and Hamilton County deputies may have followed him and lost him earlier this week.

Police say Wainscott is facing a number of charges for the stolen car, the breakins, the crack-pipe and the chase.

You are urged to contact the fairfax police department at 271-7250 if you think some of the items belong to you.