WXIX, other media file lawsuit for release of UC police body cam footage

WXIX, other media file lawsuit for release of UC police body cam footage

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A lawsuit will be filed Friday against the Hamilton County Prosecutor's office by WXIX and other media outlets seeking the release of the body camera video from Sunday's University of Cincinnati officer-involved shooting.

Three additional Cincinnati television stations, The Cincinnati Enquirer and The Associated Press committed to filing a joint complaint against Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters to have him release the video.

Demands have intensified for the release of body camera footage from the camera UC Police Officer Ray Tensing was wearing when he shot Sam DuBose during a traffic stop on July 19.

Deters says the law supports the choice to keep the video private.

Deters said the following in a statement: "The law supports our position not to release the video.  If you do not want to look at the law and just use your common sense, it should be clear why we are not releasing the video only a few days after the incident occurred."

He continued with, "We need time to look at everything and do a complete investigation so that the community is satisfied that we did a thorough job. The Grand Jury has not seen the video yet and we do not want to taint the Grand Jury process.  The video will be released at some point - - just not right now."

An incident report released July 23 confirms Tensing was wearing a university-issued body camera during the incident.  Investigators say Tensing fired a single shot that hit DuBose in the head.

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