Is city prepared for Black Lives Matter protest?

Black Lives Matter rally (Video)

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The activist group Black Lives Matter planned a demonstration and walk Sunday evening on UC's campus ending up where Samuel Dubose was fatally shot by a campus police officer.

Civic and faith leaders said they're working to lower the temperature of the discussion and response once those tapes are released.

FOX19 NOW asked city councilman Wendell Young if the city is prepared?

"My understanding is yes, but I'm not expecting any backlash that we need to be that concerned about."

FOX19 NOW reached out to Cincinnati police to find out how they may be preparing for any public backlash....but they have not responded to our request for comment.

Meanwhile Councilman Young said he's not surprised a week after the shooting the public is demanding more information. "I mean a lot of people are upset and I think justifiably so, but I think that's the fault of the authorities who just will not release the information.  When you do that you feed the rumor mill. You allow people who really have mistrust to kind of carry the day."

State Senator Cecil Thomas (D) Cincinnati, said the longer the tapes are withheld from public view, the tougher it will be for police to contain public outrage. "The only way we're going to de-escalate the situation is to get people to be able to see what happened. Anything short of that it could be very problematic, but can't de-escalate if you don't know what to de-escalate.  

Thomas, a former police officer, said public outcry over the UC shooting is not going away. "I keep stressing this to Mr. Deters. He doesn't understand that people are going to continue to speak out on this issue, the protests are going to get bigger and bigger and all it takes is for one individual. Cincinnati police don't need this."

"I admire the protesters so far, they've been vocal they've been visible, but they haven't been disruptive to the point where police have to take any action," said Thomas.  

When asked about the shooting and protests Bishop Bobby Hilton said, "We're boiling, but not boiling over'....and he's asking for the body camera tapes to be released.
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