"No justice, no peace, no racist police"

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Frustration and anger were the sentiments Sunday at a rally following the shooting death of Sam Dubose at the hands of UC Police Officer Ray Tensing during a traffic stop on July 19th.

Demands have intensified for the release of body camera footage. Protesters called again on Hamilton County prosecutor Joe Deters and the UC police department to release that video. A grand jury is looking at that video but so far, no decision on whether an indictment will be issued.

"When I say black lives you say matter, black lives matter, black live matter!"
chanted the crowd of hundreds who gathered at Corry and Jefferson Avenue just feet away from UCPD headquarters.

"This man's son was shot down and the way I see it, shot down in cold blood," said Bishop Bobby Hilton.

The group made their way down Jefferson Avenue stopping traffic while shouting "No justice, no peace, no racist police."
"I thought about my children. My son. If he is coming home from work and he don't have his license, is he going to lose his life? It's not right," said Felicia Taylor.
"He was murdered. Even if a person is driving away, you don't shot them through the head," said one demonstrator who went by the name "Ed".

The rally peacefully went down Vine Street where protestors eventually made their way to the intersection of Rice and Valencia streets, the intersection where police say an altercation happened between Dubose and Officer Ray Tensing during a traffic stop. Dubose was shot in the head and killed by the officer.
Several of Dubose's family members and close friends also marched with strangers to keep his memory alive. Dubose's mother told the crowd they want justice. Several demanded to know how a simple traffic stop ended in death.

"Black power, black power, black power," chanted the crowd once the march paused at the scene of the shooting.

After friends and family spoke about their missing loved ones and demanding to see the police body camera footage, the crowd went on the move. Coming back up Vine Street the crowd literally took to the ground, chanting "Hands up don't shoot, I'm fired up can't take it no more, I'm fired up can't take it no more." The same occurred at the intersection on Vine and McMillan.

"Hands up don't shoot," they shouted. "No justice, no peace."

The group made it to the front of UC's Police station where the protest intensified. More than a dozen stormed into the station demanding once again to see the body camera video. Other protestors stopped the few that became overly aggressive asking them to remain peaceful.The group left from inside and continued protesting through UC's campus before ending back at the intersection of Jefferson Avenue and West Corry Street.

"It's a beautiful experience. It's peaceful. It's positive. But I challenge the president. President Ono, I challenge you as an alumni 1996. Let's sit at the table and come up with a strategy that is going to best serve the students, the citizens and the city," said one Black Lives Matter organizer.

According to Bishop Bobby Hilton, the Dubose family has retained an attorney Mark O'Mara of Florida who represented George Zimmerman in the Travon Martin murder case from 2013.

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