WATCH: Leah Still challenges Riley Curry to dance-off

Riley Curry can't do the Whip better than Leah Still.

Leah, the 5-year-old daughter of Cincinnati Bengals defensive lineman Devon Still who was captured hearts nationwide as she battles a rare form of pediatric cancer, is challenging Riley to a dance-off.

Riley, 3, became a national sensation herself this year after stealing her father Gordon State Warriors Stephen Curry's press conferences following playoff games.

To mark Riley's birthday last week, the child's mother posted video to Instagram showing her doing the Whip/Nae Nae dance.

On Sunday, Devon Still posted to Instagram video of his daughter issuing a challenge to Riley: "I saw your video - you think you can Whip better than me? I challenge you to do the Whip!"

Still added this caption:

"I showed Leah the video of Riley doing the whip and all she kept sayin was daddy she can't do it better than I said if that's how you feel then challenge her to a dance off so @stephencurry30 the challenge has been sent."

#RileyKilledThe Whip



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