Cincinnati: Keeping the peace

WATCH: Keeping the peace in Cincinnati

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - We've seen all over the country, public outcry and reaction to cases involving police shootings, but what does this mean for Cincinnati? This has raised concerns for the Queen City after the riots in 2001. 
Some people have called for calm, while others said they want justice in the UC officer involved shooting death of Sam Dubose. The people of Cincinnati said they have a plan in place for whatever response.
"We're preparing for all contingencies obviously once the video is release and the prosecutor makes whatever announcement he will make. There will be some level of community reaction," said City Manager Harry Black. 
A "Black Lives Matter" rally Sunday evening was overall peaceful as demonstrators took to the streets demanding answers in the UC police shooting death of Sam Dubose.

But with the anticipated release of body camera footage, will the city remain calm?
In 2001 an officer involved shooting cause riots in OTR. It's a scene that may concern some.

"Don't smack me in the face, don't kill my father and then ask me if I'm going to be violent or non-violent. We're asking for justice, that's all we ever asked for," said organizer Brian Taylor.
Members of the Black Lives Matter organization have said they just want justice and transparency in this case.
"If it's clear that this was a murder and you don't immediately call for an arrest, you're going to have some problems. You're not going to put that on us. You're not going to put that on the young people and the men and women of the city who have seen this for the last year and a half in city after city, after city," said Taylor.
The group has some demands.

They want the arrest of Ray Tensing, transparency in the investigation and the release of evidence to the Dubose family.

They also want UC to pay for Dubose's funeral expenses and for media outlets to stop using someone's criminal history in cases such as Dubose's.
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