Rob Williams: Pendleton neighborhood's 'Nation' burgers

Rob Williams: Pendleton neighborhood's 'Nation' burgers

Checked out a new burger joint:  Nation Kitchen and Bar located in the Pendleton neighborhood.

It's across the street from the Horseshoe Casino near the Bell Event Centre.  Really cool neighborhood on the east side of OTR.  Historic, artsy, and (for the time being) not crowded on the weekends.

The neighborhood recently hosted Danger Wheel: Big Wheel races for adults (AWESOME).

Just like the burger I had at Nation,  the restaurant's name comes from Carrie Nation.  A hatchet-wielding 6-foot tall woman from Kentucky who promoted prohibition by attacking taverns and saloons.  Police arrested her 30 times between 1900 and 1910.  However, she turned around and left when she arrived in OTR.

She said, "I would have dropped from exhaustion before I went one block for all the bars in this city."  Therefore, the hatchet is a recurring theme in the restaurant, serving as a welcoming door handle and hamburger bun branding.

I had the whiskey bacon burger which featured apple slaw and a challah bun (AWESOME).

The restaurant also featuring tater tots, sweet pot tots and fresh cut fries.  I will definitely go back.  Hopefully, I will see you there.  I may be eating a fried bologna sandwich, so please don't judge.

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