Funeral for Sam DuBose draws hundreds

Sam DuBose funeral (VIDEO)
(Source: Sam DuBose, Google +)
(Source: Sam DuBose, Google +)

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - On Tuesday, services were held for Sam DuBose, the unarmed man shot and killed by University of Cincinnati Police Officer Ray Tensing. Hundreds of people were there to show their support for the DuBose family, as the investigation into his death continues.

From city officials to family and friends and even strangers-- hundreds of people came out to Church of Living God to pay their respects to DuBose and ensure that his death was not in vein. 

Hours before the funeral began, a long line of people had already formed in front of the church waiting to pay tribute to the man whose impact was far-reaching.

"As you can see I think it has touched everybody because it could be anyone's son, anybody's dad or brother. It is just horrible, it's really horrible,"said Vershun Anderson, who attended the funeral.

The community that's shown the DuBose family so much support since the shooting said farewell, and it was no small showing. The number of people in attendance was a true testament to just how many lives DuBose touched in his life.

"It was very powerful to go inside and I think the community is showing their love and resilience and their love for one another," said Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffery Blackwell.  

Inside the church, the community mourned his untimely death in a funeral filled with tearful tributes. 

"I can't believe on these streets during a traffic stop is how my brother was killed," said Terina Allen, DuBose's sister. "I love my brother and I just want to let you know that he knows he was loved." 

After the funeral, DuBose's family who said they're glad to see that the community is rallying around them in their search for answers.

"They are fighting for a good cause, they are standing with me for my son and they want to get answers," said DuBose's mother, Audrey. 

The family also wanted to make sure these protests stay peaceful out of respect for Sam."We don't want any violence," Terina Allen said. "We are supportive of whatever is happening out here as long as people are peaceful." 

Following the funeral, close friends and family accompanied DuBose's body as it was taken its burial site at Landmark Cemetery.

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