Bishop: 'Let this be a model for the nation'

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Community and city leaders complimented the justice process and asked for peace Wednesday after a Hamilton County grand jury indicted University of Cincinnati Police Officer Ray Tensing for the fatal shooting of Sam Dubose.

"I am proud of what has happened in the city of Cincinnati," said Bishop Bobby Hilton. "I believe that out of this horrible situation today, as much as thought possible at this moment, should be a proud moment because this city has come together on every level and including the prosecutor's office. What more can we ask for? Be violent for what? Let's hold our head up and say we witnessed fairness and justice."

He says there should be no violent acts in the community as a result of the murder of 43-year-old DuBose.

Tensing killed DuBose in a July 19 traffic stop captured on by a police body camera.

Hilton added that Wednesday's decision should be a model for the nation.

"I don't think Ferguson got this, I believe Baltimore got this, other cities didn't get this," Hilton said. "What happened in 2001 in Cincinnati, helped prepare us for this. The Cincinnati Police Department should be commended because policing in Cincinnati is different than policing in a lot of other communities."

He encouraged those to let the nation see what happens when there is an effort to things right, just and fair.

Protests over DuBose's death have been peaceful so far, including a gathering that drew hundreds on a walk from UC to Mt. Auburn Sunday.

Black Lives Matter Cincinnati held a protest Wednesday outside the Hamilton County Courthouse.

Hundreds made their way through Over-The-Rhine to the district 1 police station. At one point the group chanting and kneeling in front of police officers.

Demonstrators continued to rally making their way back through OTR and back to the step of the Hamilton County Court house steps.

Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley said police are ready to respond to any situations that develop, but city officials are hopeful demonstrations will be calm.

"Those who feel the need to express their moral outrage are encouraged to do so in a peaceful manner," Cranley said. "We, Cincinnati, will get through this. We will get through this with a great justice process."

Multiple prayer vigils are being offered in the communities. Vineyard Central opened a space for the Norwood community to lament and grieve with those who are grieving for DuBose, as well as pray for the officer who has been indicted.

A prayer for the community was also held at the Crossroads in Florence, Mason, Oakley or on the West Side.

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