Second body camera video released in officer-involved murder case

Second body camera video released in officer-involved murder case (VIDEO)

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Footage from a second body camera, worn by an officer who arrived at the scene of the shooting shortly after DuBose was killed, was also released by former Ray Tensing's attorney on Wednesday.

The video starts out showing the responding officers running to the scene where Tensing was laying on the ground.

Tensing's attorney says this tape does not show Tensing being dragged, as he originally claimed, but the attorney said the video does prove Tensing was somehow thrown to the ground by force.

The body cam video worn by University of Cincinnati Police Officer David Lindenschmit shows him hopping out of his cruiser as he arrives on scene, quickly drawing his gun while running to the aid of Ex-Officer Tensing.

If you look closely at the video, you can see Tensing laying on the ground when the officers approached. Behind Tensing, DuBose's car can be seen rolling away; it was then that Tensing got up and ran after the car.

"There's been some suggestion that Officer Tensing didn't have the right to fear for his life or wasn't really thrown off the car and Officer Lindenschmit's tape clearly shows that when you slow it down, it corroborates that he was thrown to the ground," said Stew Mathews, Ex-Officer Ray Tensing's attorney.

The officers slowed as they approached the vehicle --- their guns were at the ready while Tensing made his way around the car to the driver's side where he turned off the car and then called in for backup.

"We need a medic though, we've got a gunshot wound to the head," Tensing can be heard saying in the video.

Dispatch : "Alright we got medical rolling, who was injured?"

Tensing: "I discharged one round and struck the male in the head."

Once Tensing returned to the passenger side of the car with the other officers, Tensing tells them that he feared for his life. "I just got tangled in the car, thought I was going to get run over," Tensing said.

The body cam then shows neighbors beginning to come around, curious about what had happened. "Stand back! Stay back!" the officers yelled. "Don't let him look," one of the officers told an approaching neighbor.

The end of the video shows the officers beginning to establish perimeters, portioning off what's now considered to be the scene of a murder.

The video cam worn by the third officer has not yet been released.

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