Friends, family and others react to Tensing arraignment

Friends, family and others react to Tensing arraignment

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The case against ex-University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing is being closely watched by his family, friends and the national media.

While some say justice is being served others, like DuBose's sister, Terina Allen, says the process has been flawed.

"That other police officer lied and the fact that he still has a job today is an insult to injury," said Allen.

Allen says Tensing's fellow officers tried to back up the story that Tensing was in fear of his life and the fact that the ex-UC police officer is now depressed means little to her.

"As devastated that he is that he's in jail he's devastated an entire family," said Allen.

There was a carnival like atmosphere outside the courthouse with TV news crews and low-key protests. Bishop Bobby Hilton says so far the system is working.

"I think it was good, I think it was good and I think as the community continues to see and feel like things are happening in a fair way we have no need to be worried about any type of eruption or violence," said Hilton.

The case shows the need for even more body cameras, according to State Representative Alicia Reece.

"Because of the body cameras the prosecutor coming out doing the right thing we have an indictment. There's three things I'm hearing the community wants and we're pushing for. One is a conviction, we've got the indictment, but we've got to get a conviction," said Reece.

The prospect of sending a police officer to prison for shooting an unarmed black man has thrust Cincinnati into the national spotlight, but City Manager Harry Black says so far we're setting a good example.

"We are being viewed as a model of in terms of how you handle and deal with these kinds of situations," said Black.

Black says the city is re-evaluating the relationship between UC and Cincinnati police and that UC will be required to adopt at least part of the collaborative agreement.

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