Third body camera footage released

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Editor's Note: Footage from a University of Cincinnati police officer's body camera shows the moments after Samuel DuBose was shot and killed by Officer Ray Tensing. This video contains material that could be disturbing to some. Due to the importance of this incident, FOX19 NOW has posted full the video.

University of Cincinnati Police Officers Phillip Kidd and David Lindenschmidt are on paid administrative leave. This comes after the third body camera video of Officer Phillip Kidd was released on Thursday, a day after body cam videos were released for Officer Ray Tensing and Officer David Lindenschmidt.

Kidd and Lindenschmidt would not face charges, according to Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters.

The video captures both officers as they arrive on the scene in Mount Auburn, following the July 19th shooting of Sam DuBose.

Something we noticed while watching the body cam video of Officer Phillip Kidd was that at one point, about 13 minutes into the video, he turns it off. We've been told that when police officers turn their body cams off, they have to provide an explanation as to why. We're still waiting for that explanation.

We went through the first 25 seconds of this video frame by frame, trying to pinpoint where Officer Tensing was when Officer Kidd and Officer Lindenschmidt arrived. The sound on Kidd's video is muted until 30 seconds in, around the same time Tensing comes into frame.

Tensing: "I'm gonna shut the car off."

Kidd then questions Tensing, asking him if he's okay.

Tensing: "I think I'm okay, he was dragging me. 
Kidd: "Yeah, I saw that."
Tensing: "Didn't' want to get run over, I was trying to stop him." 

When the next responding officer walks up to the scene, he bumps Kidd in the chest near his body camera, asking him if it's on. After Kidd confirms it's on and rolling, Kidd gives Tensing this advice:

Kidd: "Don't, don't say anything." 

About a minute later, city police arrive.

Another officer: "Was this you?" 
Kidd: "No it was, it was, he did it." 

Officer: "Did you see him get dragged?" 
Kidd: "Yes….My trainee saw it as well, this gentleman here, Lindenschmidt."

Kidd, Tensing and another officer start to walk away from the scene up the hill, when Tensing says:

Tensing: "I'm gonna turn my camera off."
Kidd: "Keep it on for now."

After Tensing is taken to the hospital, Kidd sits in the other officer's car for several minutes before the other officer asks him if his body cam is still on.7 seconds later, he turns it off.  When the scene reappears, they're at a gas station where Officer Kidd--- takes a phone call from the station.

Kidd: "Yeah it was me and Lindenschmidt…I'm recording. How much am I allowed to say? I've got my camera going."

He ends the call a few seconds later.

Kidd: "They've got him coming in, they said obviously don't say anything until someone gets here." 

After 27 minutes of rolling, he turns his body cam off for good.

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