Ordinance would allow council to remove city manager

WATCH: Emergency ordinance regarding city manager

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati Council member Kevin Flynn says his emergency ordinance that would change procedures to remove a city manager has nothing to do with current City Manager Harry Black.

Flynn, head of the rules committee, filed the ordinance on Friday morning. The ordinance would amended the process of removing a city manager and allow council to initiate that removal.

A spokesperson for Flynn's office said the ordinance has absolutely nothing to do with Harry Black or his performance and that there's is no desire by Flynn to remove him.

"The reason for the timing is this is the only week Council comes back from summer recess and these ordinances must be voted on this week to make the deadline for placing them on the ballot," Jon Vogt, Flynn's Chief of Staff, said in a statement.

According to Vogt, the ordinances essentially implements recommendations from the the Charter Review Task Force.

The emergency ordinance, which would be presented before the rules committee, reads:

"Submit to the electors of the City of Cincinnati an amendment to the Charter of the City of Cincinnati providing authority in the Charter for Council to initiate the removal of a City Manager, providing for the Mayor to have a vote on the questions of the removal of a City Manager if removal is initiated by Council, and clarifying the procedural process for removing a City Manager from office by amending the first sentence of the first paragraph and the third paragraph of Article III, "Mayor," Section 2 of the City Charter."

Black took office as the City of Cincinnati's City Manager on Sept. 8, 2014. Previously, he served as the Finance Director of the City of Baltimore.

According to his bio on the City of Cincinnati website, Black is focused on making Cincinnati the safest city in America. The city manager called out Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell after a four-year-old girl was critically injured in a drive-by shooting in Avondale.

"I told the chief tonight we are going after (the suspects)," Black said Thursday. "That is my expectation and that is how I'm going to be how I evaluate (Blackwell's) effectiveness as chief."

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