Mother accused of neglect speaks out

WATCH: Mother accused of neglect speaks out

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Catrina Fant told FOX19 NOW in an exclusive that she wants to clear her name after an arrest last month that removed 4 of her kids from her custody.

Fant was arrested after police said she refused to let her mentally disabled daughter into their home on a hot day.
"Everybody was thinking that I was this horrible mother and I'm not. I'm a good mother; I go to school, I work, I'm not on public assistance and I do what I need to do for my children. I just went back-to-school shopping for my kids," said Fant.
Fant stated that she's a good mother who loves her children.

On July 26, Fant called authorities to her home after Fant said her daughter Alexis,11, pulled a knife on her.

According to Fant, the incident began when she confronted her daughter about hitting her younger sister. 
"I confronted Alexis and she ran in the kitchen and came back at me with a knife and said, "I'm going to kill you," said Fant.

She continued, "I was like no you're not. You need to stop. You need to calm down."

The mother then claimed her daughter was out of control.
 Fant stated that this type of behavior is typical for her daughter and to help with the violent behavior, Fant has Alexis in therapy and on medication.
"Since then, I have remove all the knives," said Fant.

The mother of 4 stated that she typically locks the knives in a pantry to keep herself, Alexis and her 3 siblings safe. 

When authorities arrived after the incident, court records say the 11-year-old, who has a history of mental illness, was outside dressed in fleece pajamas and snow boots in 90-degree weather.

Records also stated the mother refused to open the door despite the crying child's numerous pleas that she was hot and thirsty.
"I think it's a complete lie," said Fant, when Fox19 asked her about court documents. Fant claimed she didn't lock her daughter outside.
"Alexis was sitting right here [outside] on the rug. I was standing right here in the doorway with the door open the entire time," said Fant.

Fant claimed she feared for herself and her kid's safety and asked authorities to take Alexis to Children's Hospital or to the juvenile facility. Hamilton County Job & Family Services arrived on the scene at the time of the incident. 
One of the workers claimed that they facilitated services and Fant turned them down.

"You're absolutely right I turned them down because she was already getting those services. She was getting medication she was already getting counseling," said Fant.
Fant was arrested and her children were put in foster care. She said all she wanted to do was get help for her child.

According to Fant, she plans on petitioning the court to get her children back.
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