Coroner: Bottle in Sam DuBose's vehicle was not gin

Coroner: Bottle in Sam DuBose's vehicle was not gin

According to tests performed by the Hamilton Co. Coroner, the substance inside a bottle that Sam DuBose presented to Ray Tensing during the traffic stop where he was fatally shot came back negative for ethyl alcohol.

Reports showed that the substance was consistent with compounds commonly found in fragrance products such as air fresheners and perfumes, said officials.

On the body camera video released July 29, Tensing questioned DuBose about a bottle on the floor. DuBose handed Tensing the bottle labeled "Barton Gin" containing a yellowish liquid and can be heard telling Tensing the bottle was air freshener. DuBose told Tensing "you can smell it, it doesn't have liquor in it." After looking at the bottle, the video shows Tensing putting the bottle on the roof of DuBose's car.

Testing will continue on the substance in the bottle produced along with other items of evidence submitted to the laboratory, said Lakshmi Sammarco, M.D.

Officials stated that no other results will be released until all findings are complete.

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